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Being established for 39 years in the Concrete and  Masonry Industry allows us to be a leader in collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.

Concrete Concepts Inc. has continually provided the required foundation for which concrete and masonry construction stands for.  Our ability to be versatile in all phases of construction only compliments our professionalism.

By far, the leading element in most structural and architectural  construction projects is concrete and masonry.  We specialize in recognizing the relationship of one construction phase to the next.  This connection provides our guidance to our customers to avoid unforeseen delays or interruptions.  

Our goal is provide our customers with the reassurance that we are their complete concrete and masonry contractor.  Once this is achieved, your concrete  and masonry needs are met... Through the test of time,our General Construction experience has been forthcoming. We are no longer just a concrete/masonry contractor.  In all construction fields CCI has excelled to a favorable quality amongst many clients and repeat customers.

Our Story
From concrete flatwork to prefabricated tilt slab,
  From exposed aggregate driveways to countertops,
    From concrete vaults to ornamental tiebeams.
Concrete Concepts Inc. answers your construction needs. We are not solely a concrete/masonry contractor.

"Lets Talk masonry"
     From layout through lintel centering around busy residential development,
       From commercial to industrial to governmental,
         From block to brick to stone...
 Concrete Concepts Inc. will handle your masonry.

  Take the necessary time to inquire about your choice of deciding on what contractor will suit your specific needs.  This schoolwork should not be made to be difficult.  You choice of contractor is simplified through your due diligence.  Direct your attention to the contractors "referral" database, current and previous.  Once comfortable with this information, it's time to consider your budget.  Cost to most is just about everything.  This is where a considerable amount of construction projects will suffer. Whether if it is economics or quality or both.  Only you will decide on your projects outcome.  Being frugal is fine, having regrets is not.  The "pat" on the back will most likely come from yourself, hopefully!

When you are ready to start your project or before, give us a call.  We are always ready to answer your questions. 

 If CCI is your consideration for your next Home Building, home renovation or be it concrete or masonry related project.  Ask for several references.  References may suggest quality in workmanship or overall client/contractor relationship.  Jobs from most current to past tend to show new clientele honesty and the our willingness towards our workmanship.    
"Is this our contractor"???
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